Artist Statement:

For 1,000 years, stained glass art was used in church windows to inspire awe and reverence for biblical characters and to tell their stories. My stained glass focuses on the cellular, rather than the celestial universe.  Biomolecules and cellular structures, the characters of life, have fascinating stories to tell.  They were the subject of my career as Biology Professor, and are now the inspiration for my art.  The proteins and structures chosen as subjeccts are iconic examples of scientific achievement, a testament to science, to scientific research, and to the fundamental question, "How does life work?"

The medium of stained glass parallels the microscope which relies on the transparent surface of the cell to visualize stained internal structures.  Changes in light with time, season, and weather bring life to the stained glass works - a synthesis of science and art.  They are an inspiration to me for the wonder, beauty, and value of science. 
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